How I Roll: My Life, My Games, My Platform

We all know that gaming isn’t like it was for us when we were younger – you and some friends, huddled around a TV or computer, pouring hours and hours into a game. These days, our time is fragmented and split between our responsibilities (family, jobs, etc.) and our beloved games. It’s a lot harder to throw together a LAN party than it used to be – everyone has stuff they need to do…

There are a lot more options of HOW to get our game time in as well. A wise man once told me, “you make time for what’s important” and that holds true in gaming too. There was a time when I shunned gaming on anything less than a full-blown, gaming PC. “What’s the point?” I used to think. These days, I’m happy to snag what game time I can get on whatever platform I can snag it on. What’s important isn’t the device for me. What’s important is just getting my game on.

So how do you spend what gaming time you DO have? Do you schedule dedicated time on a console? Do you flip between work and play on your computer? Or do you whip out your phone and snag a few minutes here and there when you can?

Let us know in this week’s MttG Poll…

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What platform do you find yourself playing games on the most? NOT which is your favorite - which one do you actually use the most?

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