My Tribe: What’s Your Genre?

We gamers are a curious bunch. Even if you discard all the terrible stereotypes that get thrown at us (fat, Cheeto-eating, Mt. Dew-swilling, overly violent, sexist, man-children) we still have a few attributes that not only set us apart but which we often wear with pride.

One of these is that we are super tribal in a lot of respects. We call ourselves PC Gamers or Console Gamers. We identify ourselves by what platform or game franchise that we love. We put ourselves in tribes and wear those tribal badges proudly. Our very own forums here on MttG are full of gamer signatures that tell us what we play, what we love, and how we game.

And sometimes, we get really granular and identify ourselves by our favorite game TYPE. I have the “Madden friend” (Tarry Diggs) and the friend who’s really into Japanese RPGs (Gabe) and a whole pile of FPS gamers that I call friends and family. Sure, most gamers play a wide variety of games but we all have (even if we’re reluctant to admit it sometimes) a favorite – a go-to game or genre that we pop in when we just need to unwind.

So tell us, what tribe are you part of?

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