PS4 Day 1: What’s In Your Bag?!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for Sony fans! The week when you can get your greedy little hands on the much-awaited new hotness from your favorite friends in Japan! Depending on the person you talk to it’s either the day everything changes and the world is remade anew or it’s the day they descend into a game-coma and are declared functionally dead by their friends and family.

Yes, the PS4 launches this week. Are you excited?! IT’S SO EXCITING!

Ok, now that we’re all done squealing, there’s an even more important question to ask yourself: what games are you walking out with? Once you get that beautiful piece of hardware home and get it all plugged up and set up… what next? What are you going to play?

Let us know in the poll!

NOTE: This list is based on IGN’s Confirmed Launch Day titles list which can be found here. I didn’t compile it so don’t get mad at me if it’s wrong.

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