Your Community, Your Games, Your Voice

Hey gang, listen up because here’s your chance to be a major part of the future of Married to the Games.

We’re officially putting out the call for review writers! There are a lot of places on the internet where you can get game reviews. There are a lot of great writers out there in this industry. But there are very few sites or writers who are really talking to us 9-5, kids-and-wives types and it’s high time that we added our voice to the chorus.

That’s why we’re reaching out to our community – the best community of gamers on the internet, IMHO – to take matters into our own hands and write reviews that really speak to us.

Think you might be up for the challenge?


  • Have you ever aspired to be a writer or journalist?
  • Have ever finished a game and just not been able to shut up about it?
  • Are you active on our forums and know that you’ve got important stuff to say?
  • Are people are always asking you, “hey man, should I play this?”
  • Do you love old-school games?
  • Are you that guy who buys games the day they drop and beat ’em right away?
  • Are you the guy that waits until the game drops down to $15 or so before picking it up?
  • Do you… have opinions about games at all?


So, if any of those sound like you, we need to talk. Email me at chris [at] for more details to get you started.

Though the only payment you’ll receive is the warm glow of knowing that you’ve provided a useful service to your community, you WILL get your name (and gamertag) out there and you’ll be listed on the site as an official Site Contributor. We’ll even create you a special little forum badge and everything. It’ll be nifty, I promise.

Remember, we love you.

– Dumo

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