The Age of Internet: How Do You Play?

There was a time when co-op meant passing the controller to the person on the couch beside you. Way back in the dawn of (video game) history, PvP meant bouncing a ball past your opponent in pong. I personally have fond memories of staying up all hours of the night, bent over a keyboard, in the dark, by my self, killing monsters and demons in Doom.

These days our options are so much wider. With the advent of online gaming, we’re able to power on our systems and play with (or against) other players all across the globe. There are piles of games that just don’t have single player options. There are, of course, plenty of games that only have campaign mode and no multi-player but they are quickly becoming the minority.

So with so many options, how do you choose? Let us know in the poll below and remember – the comments are open for discussion – have at it, friends.


  1. The Feta

    Honestly I love to play a game of Dota2 then jump into some ACIV or solo Borderlands 2. I really like to do both and always have a solo quest game rolling while still finding a bit of time to play some co-op games.

  2. As a fellow married gamer, I find that the time I can find to spend playing games is usually when all of my friends are unavailable, and as such I play a lot of single player games. I love playing with friends when possible, but a lot of times that can’t be done.