The Age of Internet: How Do You Play?

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There was a time when co-op meant passing the controller to the person on the couch beside you. Way back in the dawn of (video game) history, PvP meant bouncing a ball past your opponent in pong. I personally have fond memories of staying up all hours of the night, bent over a keyboard, in the dark, by my self, killing monsters and demons in Doom.

These days our options are so much wider. With the advent of online gaming, we’re able to power on our systems and play with (or against) other players all across the globe. There are piles of games that just don’t have single player options. There are, of course, plenty of games that only have campaign mode and no multi-player but they are quickly becoming the minority.

So with so many options, how do you choose? Let us know in the poll below and remember – the comments are open for discussion – have at it, friends.

When Did Nintendo Stop Being Cool?

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Let’s be honest, you have to be above a certain age (and most of us are old enough in the MttG community) to remember when Nintendo was king. It’s been a while, but there was a time when all bowed down to the might and majesty that was the Nintendo empire. Nobody else was even CLOSE to owning the console market. Sure there were Atari and Coleco Vision back in the day… but they weren’t NINTENDO. If you had that 8bit, you were the coolest kid on the block. Period.

That was true even for computer kids like me. While my graphics and gameplay were generally way better (so many hours playing Doom… so many hours…) on my computer at home, I still wanted to go over to the neighbor’s house to play because THEY had Nintendo.

So what happened? I know it may seem like a controversial statement to some folks but Nintendo hasn’t had a hit console since the N64. The Wii gained some ground but not much. At best, Nintendo tends to be an “also have” gaming system. I know very few households that are rocking ONLY a Wii. Most folks have an Xbox or a Playstation… and the also have a Nintendo.

Don’t get me wrong, I have not one, not two, but THREE Nintendo consoles in my house. There’s a Wii sitting next to my Xbox 360 in the entertainment system and I have a (flawless) 8bit and Supernintendo in the attic that I pull out on occasion for nostalgia’s sake (Tetris just isn’t the same on anything but that original, grey box).

Do you know how often my wife or I have played the Wii in the last year? Once.

One. Time.

I mean, it’s a neat console but, for some reason, it’s not compelling. I never look at the TV and think, “man, I wish I had time to play Wii.” The Xbox 360 though? It calls to me on a regular basis, begging to be played.

So where did Nintendo loose the cool? Why isn’t Nintendo the go-to console anymore?

Let us know what you think in this week’s poll and remember, there’s an “other” option where you can tell me that I’ve lost my mind and that Nintendo is still super-cool. Just please tell us WHY you still think they’re cool – the child in me still wants to love ’em. You can also start a conversation in the comments if you’ve got more to talk about.

Your Community, Your Games, Your Voice

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Hey gang, listen up because here’s your chance to be a major part of the future of Married to the Games.

We’re officially putting out the call for review writers! There are a lot of places on the internet where you can get game reviews. There are a lot of great writers out there in this industry. But there are very few sites or writers who are really talking to us 9-5, kids-and-wives types and it’s high time that we added our voice to the chorus.

That’s why we’re reaching out to our community – the best community of gamers on the internet, IMHO – to take matters into our own hands and write reviews that really speak to us.

Think you might be up for the challenge?


  • Have you ever aspired to be a writer or journalist?
  • Have ever finished a game and just not been able to shut up about it?
  • Are you active on our forums and know that you’ve got important stuff to say?
  • Are people are always asking you, “hey man, should I play this?”
  • Do you love old-school games?
  • Are you that guy who buys games the day they drop and beat ’em right away?
  • Are you the guy that waits until the game drops down to $15 or so before picking it up?
  • Do you… have opinions about games at all?


So, if any of those sound like you, we need to talk. Email me at chris [at] for more details to get you started.

Though the only payment you’ll receive is the warm glow of knowing that you’ve provided a useful service to your community, you WILL get your name (and gamertag) out there and you’ll be listed on the site as an official Site Contributor. We’ll even create you a special little forum badge and everything. It’ll be nifty, I promise.

Remember, we love you.

– Dumo

PS4 Day 1: What’s In Your Bag?!

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year for Sony fans! The week when you can get your greedy little hands on the much-awaited new hotness from your favorite friends in Japan! Depending on the person you talk to it’s either the day everything changes and the world is remade anew or it’s the day they descend into a game-coma and are declared functionally dead by their friends and family.

Yes, the PS4 launches this week. Are you excited?! IT’S SO EXCITING!

Ok, now that we’re all done squealing, there’s an even more important question to ask yourself: what games are you walking out with? Once you get that beautiful piece of hardware home and get it all plugged up and set up… what next? What are you going to play?

Let us know in the poll!

NOTE: This list is based on IGN’s Confirmed Launch Day titles list which can be found here. I didn’t compile it so don’t get mad at me if it’s wrong.

My Tribe: What’s Your Genre?

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We gamers are a curious bunch. Even if you discard all the terrible stereotypes that get thrown at us (fat, Cheeto-eating, Mt. Dew-swilling, overly violent, sexist, man-children) we still have a few attributes that not only set us apart but which we often wear with pride.

One of these is that we are super tribal in a lot of respects. We call ourselves PC Gamers or Console Gamers. We identify ourselves by what platform or game franchise that we love. We put ourselves in tribes and wear those tribal badges proudly. Our very own forums here on MttG are full of gamer signatures that tell us what we play, what we love, and how we game.

And sometimes, we get really granular and identify ourselves by our favorite game TYPE. I have the “Madden friend” (Tarry Diggs) and the friend who’s really into Japanese RPGs (Gabe) and a whole pile of FPS gamers that I call friends and family. Sure, most gamers play a wide variety of games but we all have (even if we’re reluctant to admit it sometimes) a favorite – a go-to game or genre that we pop in when we just need to unwind.

So tell us, what tribe are you part of?

Rauter Picks Up AC4

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Tim Rauter took his daughter Piper to Best Buy to pick up his pre-order of Assassin’s Creed IV. Check it out!

How I Roll: My Life, My Games, My Platform

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We all know that gaming isn’t like it was for us when we were younger – you and some friends, huddled around a TV or computer, pouring hours and hours into a game. These days, our time is fragmented and split between our responsibilities (family, jobs, etc.) and our beloved games. It’s a lot harder to throw together a LAN party than it used to be – everyone has stuff they need to do…

There are a lot more options of HOW to get our game time in as well. A wise man once told me, “you make time for what’s important” and that holds true in gaming too. There was a time when I shunned gaming on anything less than a full-blown, gaming PC. “What’s the point?” I used to think. These days, I’m happy to snag what game time I can get on whatever platform I can snag it on. What’s important isn’t the device for me. What’s important is just getting my game on.

So how do you spend what gaming time you DO have? Do you schedule dedicated time on a console? Do you flip between work and play on your computer? Or do you whip out your phone and snag a few minutes here and there when you can?

Let us know in this week’s MttG Poll…

Frustrations of a Fanboy: Xbone vs. Xbox One

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Frustrations of a Fanboy: Xbone vs. Xbox One

Welcome to the first installment of Frustrations of a Fanboy – a soon to be randomly regularly recurring feature on the MttG blog. Enjoy. 

Hello, my name is Chris and I’m an Xbox fanboy. While I grew up an avid PC gamer (I have very little nostalgia for the Nintendo years), in my early 20s I fell in love with the Xbox, stopped putting new (and expensive) hardware my computer every few months, and haven’t looked back. I’ve spent more time with Masterchief than I have with many of my own friends and family. We’re bros now. Masterchief is my homie.

So in last week’s poll (Dope or Nope: The Next Gen Cometh), I called the Xbox One the “Xbone” and I have gotten some flack for doing so.

“It’s disrespectful!”

“It’s rude!”

“It perpetuates the perception that Xbox is screwing up this gen’s release”

“You’re just feeding the PS4 trolls!”

Listen, I hear you. I do. I know that the Xbox One earned that nickname in part for the massively mishandled launch. I vividly remember my own anger and frustration as I dug through specs and tech reviews and realized that Microsoft was either mis-communicating the amazing features or skipping them completely. This machine was going to be out of control amazing (“Xbox On” – voice and gesture control? The future is NOW, people!) and was already pushing the boundaries – and maybe ignoring the boundaries completely – of what a console IS (have you SEEN the new ad?!)… and yet, every time an Xbox rep opened his mouth, all that seemed to come out was failure and stupidity. I head-desked so often during E3 I’m pretty sure I put cracks in my desk.  This article just about summed up my feelings…

“So why would you do that, Chris?! You’re a Fanboy for crap’s sake! Why bring back all the pain and frustration?”

Why? Well, there are two reasons.

ONE: Because it was inevitable. They named the thing “Xbox One.” Not only that, they’ve been insistent on using the word “One” instead of the numeral “1.” The name (and the constant use of “One” in all branded communication) combined with the fact that, since its very first incarnation, the Xbox has been abbreviated as XB made it impossible that it WOULDN’T be called the Xbone. They did it to themselves. Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft Studios, said it himself in an interview with Gamespot:

“At first, I guess the thing that bugged me the most is I didn’t see it. I’d been looking at the name for Xbox One for months, and I wasn’t clever enough to merge them and come up with Xbone.”

TWO:  Because here’s the thing – I LIKE the nickname. There. I said it. I, Chris Dumoulin – Xbox Fanboy – LIKE THE NAME XBONE. You know what I think when I read “Xbone?”



BAM. Cross bones, man. I read “xbone” and I think Pirates. And let me tell you, I love me some pirates. Pirates are awesome. I’m just dreaming of the special edition Xbox One with the laser-etched Skull-n-Bones on it. Maybe an Assassin’s Creed : Black Flag edition? Fanboy WANTS it.

I know that our beloved Major Nelson hates the moniker and, as an Xbox loyalist, I guess I should hate it too if only for the sake of solidarity. But I don’t. I really really don’t.

I love it and I’m making it mine. I’m unashamedly casting my vote on the Microsoft Crossbones for this gen’s winner.

Haters can walk the plank.


Or, as I like to call it, “Parkour with Knives”

Dope or Nope: The Next Gen Cometh

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Yes yes, y’all it’s time for the very first MttG blog poll!

Today we’re rolling out a new feature on the blog – every week, we’ll be posting a new poll to see what our community thinks about a subject. Voting starts at midnight Tuesday/Wednesday and ends at midnight a week later. Mostly, we’ll keep it light but sometimes we’ll go deep so remember to check it out every week and weigh in.

You’ll notice I’ve left you room to speak your piece – use it. You never know, you might hear your answer on the podcast. No promises, just saying it’s a possibility…

The Sound & Music of The Last of Us

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Here is SoundWorks Collection video of the sound and music behind The Last of Us. Enjoy!